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About Francesco Tortorella

I’m a creative professional, a multidisciplinary artist, and a jazz enthusiast. Originally from the heart of Calabria in the deep south of Italy, I now call Rome my home. I took my first steps as an illustrator and animator, leading me to direct my inaugural animated short film, “Shuffle,” back in 2007.

With over 15 years of experience in the creative and entertainment industry, my artistic ventures have taken me from China to the Middle East, contributing to the creation of captivating visual experiences.

As an Art Director and Creative Director, I’ve shaped engaging visual narratives throughout my career. My expertise spans visual arts, animation, and video production, showcased in a diverse portfolio that includes writing, directing, and producing short films, documentaries, and groundbreaking content for global events and live shows.

In 2014, I co-founded Made On Vfx, one of Rome’s most influential creative studios. In 2020, I directed and produced the highly acclaimed animated short film “La Grande Onda,” garnering over 25 international movie awards.

I continually drive my art forward, exploring various media and using prestigious auctions and exhibitions as platforms to propel my artistic vision.

One of the founders of Bottega DAO, I am part of a decentralized community at the forefront of cultural, artistic, and technological innovation, engaging in pioneering projects in the art and cultural realms, exploring Web 3, blockchain, and AI.

I collaborate with top creative agencies, studios, brands, curators, galleries, and fellow creators worldwide, always seeking new frontiers in art and storytelling.

Artist Statement

beyond imposed social conventions

Erotic Mind (Self Portrait 2021)


Best Italian Short – Scario Film Fest 2021
Critic Award – Cinemì Cinema 2021
Premio Cafiero – Out of Bounds Film Festival 2021
Best Animated Film – Mediterraneo Festival Corto 2021
Menzione Speciale – Premio AMC – Shorts International Film Festival 2021
Best Animated Short Film – Accordi@Disaccordi Festival 2021
Best Animated Film – Ischia Film Festival 2020
Best Italian Short Film – Sedicicorto International Film Festival 2020
Best Short Film – Reggio Calabria Film Festival 2020
Best Animated Short Film – Cortodino Dino De Laurentis Film Festival 2020
Best Animated Short Film – Cortisonanti International Film Festival 2020
Best Animated Short Film – Coffi Cortoglobo Film Festival 2020
Best Animated Short Film – Foggia Film Festival 2020
Best Animated Short Film – Adriatic Film Festival 2020
Best Calabrian Short Film – Castovillari Film Festival 2020
Best Short Film in Calabria – Calabria Movie International Film Fest 2020
Honorable Mention of the Jury – PFA 2020
Honorable Mention of the Jury – Capodarco Film Festival 2020
Silver & Bronze Spikes – Branded & Entertainment – Spikes Asia 2014
Golden Lion – Branded Entertainment – Cannes Lions 2013
The Media & Interactive Award – 43rd Creativity International Award 2013
Best Direct Mailing Campaign – Premio Agorà 2013
Best Music Video – Marte Live 2013

FILM Production

Shuffle – Writer and Director, 2007
Petrolino (2012) – Art Director and Executive Producer for Post-Production
Waste Africa – Co-Executive Producer for Visual Effects, 2013
La Grande Onda – Writer, Director, and Producer, 2020

ART EXhibitions

Cesco Solo Expo – Atelier 35, Roma – Feb 2010.
Love for Sale! Poster Exposition – Al Bar, Reggio Calabria – 2012.
The Greatest (Im)Perfection is Love – Solo Show – Zajia, Beijing – 2013.
It’s April Fools’ Day! Rare Tempo Gallery Opening, Denver, USA – 2017.
Out – Art Mall, Milano, 2022.
NFTs are Dead – Galleria Borbonica, Napoli, 2022.
BAW Bolzano Art Weeks, 2022.
Iran Rising – Georgetown, Washington DC, 2022.

art Auctions

Pandolfini Auction House – Digital Invasion (Lot 13)- It, May 2023

Let's work together!

Creative & Art Direction

Whether you need to develop an animation, create a live action production, organize an event, or embark on any creative project, I can develop original concepts, define the style and artistic vision.

Project Direction

With expertise in directing animation, video productions, events, and live performances, I provide expert guidance and oversee the creative process from start to finish.


I handle the selection and collaboration with qualified network of professionals in various field, ensuring that the creative team meets the higher standards.


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