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Welcome to my crypto-art gallery. In 2021 I have taken a step forward and minted my artworks on the blockchain, transforming them into unique NFTs. Now, collectors and passionates have the opportunity to own a piece of my art that is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated. My NFTs can be found and collected in the most popular marketplaces, so be sure to check them out and add them to your collection today!

Winter Drop
Moustache Sauvage

Winter Drop

Moustache Sauvage - Winter Drop 🔥 5 exclusive 1/1 NFT beauties. Collect any of the first 4 to enter a raffle for a chance to receive an extra sultry 1/1 piece.

Lush Life
Latest Drops

Love For sale

A collection of my latest NFT Art Drops available for sale. Minted on ethereum blockchain with my official smart contracts.

unnamed (4)

Carnet èrotique

The body has often an expressive power that goes beyond words. It has a language of its own and is able to express personality and boldness, strength and fragility, embarrassment and sensuality. I have always sought uniqueness in what appears ordinary so that intimate everyday gestures become silent messages, and small fascinating 'imperfections' tell each time a different story.

Dialogue pistol

Sauvage v2

1/1 collection on going of unique kinky illustrations and animations, Minted with my official smart contract.

wet Dream tumb16.9

Sauvage èditions

Multiple editions minted with my Smart Contract, Token ERC-1155. Inspired by live drawing sessions, the collection captures the instinctive nature of the body. A blend of fine art and digital art, reworking rough sketches into a unique and provocative form of expression.


Moustache Sauvage

Genesis collection. With an unapologetic representation of sexual phantasies, taboos, and vulnerabilities, my work wants to highlight freedom of expression in its purest form...

I love you too...
Known Origin

The Weird Love

Love can be a bargaining chip, a blackmail weapon, a source of deliverance, and a sweet slavery, but it always exposes us to dangers and reveals our deepest nature...



Clean Nfts minted on Tezos Blockchain.

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