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Concept Art

A curated collection of concepts and key visuals developed over the years

Horror Film Opening animation

We crafted an animated prologue of an upcoming horror film project. The design recreates a haunting atmosphere inspired by shadow puppets and lightbox effects, reminiscent of a paper theater.

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Inferno Rosso, Opening Titles and Animated Graphics

For the documentary film Inferno Rosso, I designed the opening titles and animated graphics. The concept uses a collage technique, incorporating vintage posters, behind-the-scenes photos, and film reels from the golden age of Joe D’Amato’s exploitation cinema. This approach recreates the gritty and raw essence of the era, bringing the vibrant history of exploitation films to life.

ANIA - una vita da Serena

For the ANIA health insurance awareness campaign, I developed the concept design and production for both video and editorial content. The project aims to educate the public on the importance of health insurance policies through engaging visuals and compelling narratives. The design integrates clean, modern graphics with informative animations to effectively communicate the campaign’s message and encourage proactive health care decisions.

ANIA - Homomonopattinus

For the ANIA e-scooter safety tutorial, I spearheaded the concept design, and production to promote responsible usage of e-scooters in urban environments. The project features clear, instructional animations and real-life scenarios to highlight safety tips and best practices. The design combines vibrant graphics and straightforward messaging to effectively educate viewers on safe and mindful e-scooter use in the city.

BEA Awards 2023, Opening and Closing Titles

For the BEA Awards 2023, working with Clonwerk, I designed the opening and closing titles incorporating motion graphics and VFX inspired by the event’s identity. This cinematic sequence features dynamic visuals and seamless transitions, enhanced by sophisticated lightl effects, to encapsulate the prestige of the awards ceremony.

Gli occhi di sara, Theatrical reading

For the theatrical reading of Maurizio de Giovanni’s new novel Gli occhi di Sara, I directed and developed a minimalist concept, using silhouettes and backlighting to highlight the reading and the noir essence of the character. This approach emphasizes the emotional depth and mystery of the story, creating a visually striking and immersive experience that enhances the dramatic impact of the reading.

Jeddah Season, Architectural Video Mapping concept

Concept art for the architectural video mapping project during Jeddah Season 2019. This project focused on the historic district of Jeddah, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The video mapping designs highlighted the district’s rich cultural heritage, bringing its iconic architecture to life through vibrant projections and storytelling.

Riyadh Region, Event

For the Riyadh Region event held in the Royal Hall, I developed the concept film and video mapping. The project aimed to create an immersive experience that celebrated the region’s cultural heritage and modern advancements.


For an exhibition event at the Domus Aurea, I proposed an immersive installation designed to transport visitors back to the opulent era of ancient Rome. The installation integrates interactive elements and cutting-edge technology to recreate the grandeur of Nero’s Golden House. Visitors experience the historical and artistic significance of the Domus Aurea through a multisensory journey, blending visual, auditory, and tactile elements to create a captivating and educational exhibit.

Dante Immersive Show, Concept

For the immersive traveling show Limbo, inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, I developed a concept that guides audiences through a journey mirroring the poet’s exploration of the afterlife. The show combines interactive theater, advanced projection mapping, and atmospheric effects to create a multi-sensory experience.

Ford Kuga Commercial

For the Ford Kuga launch in China, I developed a concept board focusing on dynamic visuals and interactive design elements.

MINI JCW, Shanghai Launch

I developed the concept and style for the Timeline-VIdeo on John Cooper for the launch of the new Mini JCW range at the Shanghai Auto Show. The film highlights John Cooper’s legacy and the evolution of the Mini JCW, creating an engaging narrative that resonates with automotive enthusiasts and showcases the brand’s rich history and innovation.

Volkswagen, People's car Project

Working with Pixomondo Beijing, I contributed to this award-winning project for Volkswagen China, which secured the 2013 Cannes Gold Lion in Branded Content and Entertainment. I directed the opening title sequence, created the motion graphics features, and designed the identity look for the web series, ensuring a cohesive and engaging visual experience.

Questo Nostro Amore, Opening titles

I created the animated titles for the popular TV series Questo nostro amore 80. My work included various proposals, both hand-made and collage, inspired by the vibrant pop aesthetics of the 1980s. The designs aimed to capture the nostalgic and lively spirit of the era, enhancing the show’s opening with a visually engaging and era-appropriate style.

Storie Del Genere, Opening Titles

I developed the key visual and storyboard for the animated opening of the TV show Storie del Genere, a series that shares stories of transgender individuals. The animation captures the themes of transformation and the revelation of the true self, depicting a journey of self-discovery and authenticity.

Planet Funk /Sangiorgi, Music Video

With an experimental approach, I developed the concept for the music video of the legendary group Planet Funk. The video combines visual effects with footage of colorful fluids and painting on water to create a magical world. This blend of techniques aims to evoke a dreamlike, immersive experience, aligning perfectly with the band’s innovative style


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