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(AllMyFriendzare) DEAD

Donnie B. Good

The music video for “Donnie B. Good” from the album “BLACK BLOOD BOOM,” performed by the rock ‘n’ roll band (AllMyFriendzAre) DEAD, is a thrilling and action-packed tribute to the classic B-movie genre. Launched with a viral campaign that promoted it as an action-packed movie trailer, complete with a poster, the video features gruesome violence, car chases in the desert, 4 gangsters, a priest, two Russian killers looking for a pair of glasses, and a mysterious woman on the run.

The video is a visual representation of the song, inspired by the surf and garage culture, Pulp B-movies, and 70s Italian police movies. The band’s goal was to create a fictional universe that is linked to their music, which goes beyond the visual representation of the song and establishes a strong and evocative brand image. The video is full of high-energy action and violence, with stunning visuals that capture the gritty, intense atmosphere of the B-movie genre, also infused with a sense of humor and playful irreverence.

Concept & Art Direction: Francesco Tortorella 
Direction: M.Modafferi / F.Tortorella
Production: Made On VFX, Made On Studios

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