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World War III Propaganda

Rest In Peacekeeping

“Rest In Peacekeeping”, a unique collection of Western propaganda posters from the time of the Third World War. Through this work, I delved into the warlike narrative of Euro-Atlantic politics, exploring the deep roots of propaganda and hypocrisy that permeate our contemporary context.

In this project, I aimed to challenge the manipulation of information, often used to shape public opinion and justify the arms race. After years of the illusion of peace, we now face a reversal of course that jeopardizes global security and the well-being of citizens.

The aesthetic of the posters, inspired by those of the First and Second World Wars, not only evokes the slogans used during that time but also underscores the concept that there is no progress in war – we are, in fact, regressing. The same themes, the same propaganda strategies, the same contradictions.

The title “Rest In Peacekeeping” clearly evokes the death of hopes for peace, while criticizing the technical term “peacekeeping missions”, used to disguise actions of war. Through these posters, I sought to convey a strong and provocative message about the contradictions of international politics and the need to question official narratives.

Embedded within “Rest In Peacekeeping” is a call for peace, albeit one shrouded in the paradox of states resorting to arms in the name of purported peace. The project underscores the urgent need for critical inquiry and unwavering vigilance, emphasizing that amidst the era of information warfare and manufactured consent, the pursuit of truth remains paramount.


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