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Turi - Music Video


The music video for “Testacciamalata” is a dark and haunting exploration of the human psyche, brought to life through the mad alter-ego Testaccia Malata, who is the manifestation of the rapper Turi’s inner turmoil. The video takes place in a dimly-lit room, which serves as a metaphor for the discomfort and anxiety that can be enclosed within the human soul.

As the video opens, we see Turi locked away in the room, his alter-ego Testaccia Malata lurking in the shadows behind him. The room is filled with strange and unsettling imagery, with twisted faces and surreal shapes dancing across the walls.

Art Direction & Concept: Francesco Tortorella 
Director: Francesco Tortorella,Marco Modafferi
Production: Made On Studios, Made On VFX


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